The 2023 edition of TECHNART, the international conference established in Lisbon in 2007, has just concluded. The aim of this edition, held in Lisbon on May 7-12, was to provide a scientific forum to present and promote the use of analytical techniques in the field of art and cultural heritage worldwide to stimulate contacts and exchange experiences, making a bridge between science and art.

The conference saw the participation of scientists from all over the world. As far as European participation is concerned, at least 15 contributions were the outcome of access to the MOLAB and FIXLAB platforms both of the IPERION HS project and of the national nodes of the E-RIHS infrastructure. The contributions mainly concerned analyses of paintings, plastics, street art mural paintings, mosaics, graphic documents, metals, and glass, analyzed both with non-invasive (MOLAB) and invasive techniques, with sampling (FIXLAB).

Among the organizers of the 2023 edition, there is also the Cultural Heritage Laboratory, Studies and Safeguarding (HERCULES) of Portugal, a partner of IPERION HS and a member of the E-RIHS infrastructure.

The 2025 edition will be organized in Italy by CNR ISPC and CNR SCITEC along with