Knowledge and expertise in the fields of cultural heritage and artwork conservation

Conservation centres worldwide need to set up, support and work closely with groups of scientific and technical experts to safeguard their cultural heritage. This has led to the growing presence of professionally recognised specialists in all countries keen to protect their cultural heritage.
However, scientific specialisation remains at an early staContenidos


Organized by  IPCE – Instituto del Patrimonio Cultural de España, the congress will focus on:

  • Establishing general conservation guidelines and criteria
  • Designing suitable condition reports, including alterations, intervention methods and recommended solutions
  • Using collaborative and interdisciplinary approaches to increase knowledge and expertise in artistic techniques, manufacturing technologies, composition, distinguishing between the original and additions and any other data on the historical and artistic aspects of cultural heritage
  • Discussing methods and planning procedures for preventive conservation
  • Using the findings of laboratory research to discuss the pros and cons of different methods and materials
  • Applying innovative technology to the conservation and restoration of cultural heritage

The conference will be held in the Sala de columnas at Círculo de Bellas Artes (Madrid) on  October 17-19, 2022

Papers should discuss current work or research projects linked to the conference topics. Priority will be given to projects reflecting American influence on Madrid’s cultural heritage.

Abstracts should be no longer than 300 words and should be submitted until 27 June 2022