Many cultural heritage institutions around the world, including ICCROM, hold material samples archives comprising samples collected from heritage objects and sites, reference materials and replicas. These historic resources are non-renewable and have huge potential for future research and didactic purposes, but they are often little known, and their value under-recognized. In addition, they pose very particular challenges concerning their physical safeguarding, access and use. As a result, they are critically threatened.

Recognizing these challenges, the Heritage Samples Archives Initiative (HSAI) was launched by ICCROM in September 2020 to promote the long-term survival and use of these collections. To date, more than 20 institutions have joined ICCROM as partners in the initiative.

From June 13 to 15, 2022, a 3-day international workshop will be held in Evora, Portugal as well as live streaming on ZOOM, to raise awareness about the importance and fragility of heritage samples archives, and find practical strategies to protect and disseminate the knowledge they hold.

CNR ISPC is involved as a partner of the HSAI with other important international institutions like Getty Conservation Institute (USA), Dresden Academy of Fine Arts (Germany), ERIHS, Grand Egyptian Museum (Egypt), Institute for the Preservation of Cultural Heritage (Yale University, USA), IPERION HS, National Gallery (UK); Straus Center for Conservation and Technical Studies (Harvard Art Museum, USA), University College London (UK), just to mention a few.

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