E-RIHS kick-off in Florence

E-RIHS – European Research Infrastructure for Heritage Science, coordinated by Italian National Research Council, is the only pan-European Research Infrastructure in the field of social and cultural innovation that has been accepted in the European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructure (ESFRI) Roadmap 2016. E-RIHS connects researchers in the natural sciences and humanities and fosters a trans-disciplinary culture of exchange and cooperation while offering access to a wide range of cutting-edge facilities, high-level scientific instruments, methodologies, data and tools for advancing knowledge and innovation in the study and preservation of heritage.

E-RIHS brings together 18 countries as founding members, 10 international countries as supporting partners and over 80 institutions. E-RIHS is a distributed research infrastructure with a central hub in Florence and national nodes located across Europe. National nodes are made of fixed and mobile national infrastructures of recognized excellence, physically accessible collections/archives and virtuallyImposta immagine in evidenzaaccessible heritage data.

E-RIHS is now working on assembling a worldwide network of affiliated partners and creating a global research infrastructure with the support of the intergovernmental organization ICCROM.

March 30-31 E-RIHS, currently in its preparatory phase (PP), will be officially launched in Florence.