International Conference on Innovation in Art Research and Technology

Organized by the Museum of Cultural History of the University of Oslo, InART2024 aims to merge natural sciences and conservation, providing a dynamic space for active interaction, scientific exchange, and debates on the central issues of heritage science research. Contributors from diverse fields are welcome to join and create an interdisciplinary discussion about cultural heritage conservation within the fields of archaeological objects, artworks, built heritage, etc.

The main topics of the conference will be:

  • Development of new tools (devices, technology, software, etc.), advanced data analysis and FAIR data management
  • Development and/or implementation of new methods and routines (diagnostic and conservation) for the understanding of heritage materials, techniques and degradation processes (chemical, physical and biological)
  • Development, testing (includes mechanical testing) and characterization of new materials for conservation (special attention to green conservation treatments)
  • Application of non-invasive/non-destructive techniques
  • Preventive conservation: environmental monitoring techniques and climate/microclimate effects on the conservation of heritage sites and exposed objects

InART provides a platform for knowledge-sharing between different fields of science and technologies applied to the characterization, conservation and preservation of global cultural heritage. The organizing committee is keen to emphasize that many of these topics can have multiple perspectives. To submit your contribution, please refer to the suggested list of topics.


Abstract submission is open

Early bird registration is available from 16 January 2024