Post-access duties


The project selected to access the mobile laboratories of the Italian ERIHS node must be carried out within 12 months of the decision of the PRP. Access will be agreed upon and organized based on the availability of the laboratories involved.

At the end of the access, the user must provide a short report highlighting the objectives and scientific results of the access received (preferably with one / two images) following the template provided. The report may be published on the website and will be made available to the MUR, where required. The report must be sent within two months of the conclusion of access to the following address internal use of the Italian node of ERIHS, users will also be consulted to get feedback on the quality of services to the research offered by the laboratories of the platform.

The user must publish the results within a reasonable time, preferably in Open Access format (also through the contribution to the Zenodo platform) and in indexed journals, specifying that the project that led to the publication has received funding from the MUR, through the Italian node of ERIHS.

An electronic copy of these documents must be sent to immediately after publication.

The user must be available to deposit, after publication, the data produced by accessing the mobile laboratories in the repository, which will constitute the digital platform of the infrastructure.

In case it may not be possible to use the granted access, a written declaration signed by the head of the user group is required.