The 9th edition of Metrology for Archaeology and Cultural Heritage (MetroArchaeo)

MetroArchaeo,  to be held in Rome on October 19-21  at the University of Roma Tre, and co-organized with CNR ISPC, brings together researchers and operators in enhancing, characterising and preserving archaeological and cultural heritage to discuss production, interpretation and reliability of measurements and data.

Nowadays, Measurements deriving from many analytical methodologies and tools, molecular and elemental spectroscopic techniques, chemometrics, chemical reactivity and modelling, etc., are of interest for the conference. Data on the impacts of natural and anthropogenic environmental stressors, the decaying pathways of the different materials in the surrounding environment, and the development of new remediation processes such as cleaning, consolidation, rehabilitation, etc., based on chemical knowledge can be considered.

Among the speakers the conference hosts this year Haida YangDistinguished Professor of Physics at Nottingham Trent University, Head of Imaging and Sensing for Archaeology, Art History and Conservation (ISAAC) Lab, and Director of Imaging, Materials and Engineering Centre (IMEC).

Conference Topics

The conference aims to create a platform of shared knowledge between Humanities and Applied Sciences. The themes to be addressed:

  • Methodologies and measurements for diagnostics and conservation;
  • Geomatics for Cultural Heritage research and management;
  • Non-destructive techniques for archaeological diagnostics;
  • 3D recording and modelling for Cultural Heritage;
  • Metrology in landscape archaeology;
  • Metrological approaches to the study of written Heritage;
  • Metrological approaches in architecture and visual arts;
  • Bioarchaeology and paleodiet measurements;
  • Archaeometry;
  • Archaeozoology;
  • Archaeobotany;
  • Metrological analyses of raw materials;
  • Computer science and 3D survey;
  • Metadata and digital management in archaeology;
  • Ancient scientific instruments.

CNR ISPC Special Sessions

SPECIAL SESSION #1: Multiscale and multitemporal high-resolution remote sensing and non-destructive testing for archaeology and monumental heritage: From research to preservation
Organized by: Giovanni Leucci, Salvatore Piro, Nicola Masini, CNR ISPC, Sebastiano D’Amico, University of Malta

SPECIAL SESSION #4: Biodeterioration of cultural heritage: evaluation of damages and new approaches for prevention and control
Organized by: Flavia Bartoli, Annalaura Casanova Municchia, CNR ISPC

SPECIAL SESSION #13: Non-destructive Imaging Techniques for the Characterization of Cultural Heritage
Organized by: Fulvio Mercuri, Noemi Orazi, University of Rome Tor Vergata, Eva Pietroni, Giovanni Caruso, CNR ISPC

SPECIAL SESSION #15: Digital tools in Cultural Heritage: 3D modelling and metaverse
Organized by: Sofia Ceccarelli, CNR ISPC, Roberta Manzollino, Sapienza University of Rome

SPECIAL SESSION #16: Semantic enrichment of 3D models for the knowledge representation of archaeology and built heritage: Strategies for documentation, conservation and management
Organized by: Elena Gigliarelli, Letizia Martinelli, Michele Calvano, Stefano Cursi, Gianluca Cantoro, CNR ISPC

SPECIAL SESSION #19: Size matters. A high-resolution survey of small artifacts: acquisition strategies and methodologies, level of detail, dissemination
Organized by: Sara Antinozzi, Marco Limongiello, University of Salerno, Bruno Fanini, Daniele Ferdani, Diego Ronchi, CNR ISPC

SPECIAL SESSION #20: GENIUS LOCI: Methods and code for measuring historical phenomena, ancient landscape dynamics, and mechanisms through IT heritage methodologies
Organized by: Paolo Rosati, Saverio Giulio Malatesta, DigiLab Sapienza University of Rome, Augusto Palombini, CNR ISPC

SPECIAL SESSION #21: Remote sensing methods and approaches for Underwater Cultural Heritage research and management
Organized by: Crescenzo Violante, CNR ISPC, Barbara Davidde, Ministry of Culture, Italy, Nikos Papadopoulos, Foundation for Research and Technology, Greece

SPECIAL SESSION #23: Organic components in archaeological findings and works of art: current challenges in their identification and characterization
Organized by: Leila Birolo, University of Naples Federico II, Giulia Germinario, CNR ISPC

SPECIAL SESSION #27: How do we measure scientific reliability? Semantic approaches and software solutions for 3D virtual reconstruction in archaeology
Organized by: Emanuel Demetrescu, Simone Berto, Eleonora Scopinaro, CNR ISPC

SPECIAL SESSION #29: Heritage wood: diagnosis and monitoring to develop a preservation strategy
Organized by: Sveva Longo, Cristiano Riminesi, Silvia Capuani, CNR ISPC, Valeria Stagno, Sapienza University of Rome – Dep. of Earth Science