Understanding the best strategies and techniques for planning, executing, and completing a large-scale 3D survey campaign

By attending this Training Camp, participants will learn about three-dimensional survey technologies for cultural heritage documentation and understand the best strategies and techniques for planning, executing, and completing a large-scale 3D survey campaign: open until 31 May 2024 the call for applications to participate in the ‘Digital Heritage Camp: 3D Surveying Training in Sermoneta Castle and Ninfa Park’ (Sermoneta, Latina, Lazio, Italy).

The wide variety of solutions for the acquisition, management, and integration of three-dimensional survey data, both open source and proprietary, offers a panorama of techniques and tools whose choice depends on numerous factors, in particular, the objects or contexts to be surveyed and the conditions of use in the field. However, a single tool and software are almost never sufficient to meet the descriptive and analytical needs of a larger project. In fact, there is an increasing need to integrate data from multiple scanning tools and methods into a single project.

To meet these requirements, E-RHIS.it offers the Digital Heritage Camp: 3D Surveying Training at Sermoneta Castle and Ninfa Park, an intensive course of 80 hours of face-to-face training delivered by 19 senior teachers from the National Research Council of Italy (CNR), prestigious Italian universities and high-tech companies. Participants will have the opportunity to learn how to evaluate the use of active and passive measurement tools in real applications; plan and carry out a measurement campaign using photogrammetry and 3D scanners; process, manage and integrate data sets from different sources; publish and disseminate the results of measurement campaigns.

The intensive training program, promoted by E-RIHS.it, the Italian node of the European Research Infrastructure for Cultural Heritage Science, and born from the collaboration between CNR DSU, CNR ISPC, CNR ISTI and the Roffredo Caetani Foundation, will take place in the beautiful architectural and naturalistic setting of Ninfa Gardens and Sermoneta Castle in Italy. The E-RIHS.it Training Camp 2024 is under the patronage of the Unione Italiana Disegno (UID) and boasts a technical-scientific partnership with prestigious Italian universities and high-tech companies. The camp offers you dynamic training through the combination of lectures, seminars and the opportunity to personally participate in field activities in face-to-face dialogue with expert tutors specialized in each type of activity.

Who can apply

The training camp is open to college students, experts, researchers and scientists working in the following fields: 3D survey with active and passive sensors, Terrestrial Laser Scanning, LIDAR, SLAM, Structured Laser Scanning, and Photogrammetry.

How to participate

To participate, register on the dedicated website www.trainingcamp-erihs.it no later than 31 May 2024. To complete the registration, upload your CV and a cover letter.

Don’t miss the opportunity to acquire in-depth knowledge and practical skills in the field of documentation, conservation and enhancement of cultural heritage. Register now!

Opening of Call for applications May 02, 2024
Closing of Call for applications May 31, 2024
Communication to the TRAINING CAMP participants June 24, 2024
Payment of the participation fee July 1, 2024


E-RIHSit Training Camp 2024

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