Among the most important public bodies in Italy,ENEA is the National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development.
Its technological culture comes from energy, and although energy is not the main variable concerning the cultural heritage, energy consumption and the distribution of urban traffic are the variables with the greatest impact on conservation.
The research experiences ofENEA per il PATRIMONIO CULTURALE developed in the last decades in the field of Study and Conservation of Cultural Heritage, represent an example of success in the national and international framework both for the many technical-scientific results obtained and the concrete applications implemented.
ENEA promotes a systemic approach in research relating to the Integrated and Sustainable Conservation of Cultural Heritage which is part of its historical background and is inherent in the production chain, structured in the sequence of Knowledge-Protection-Conservation-Enhancement of both Cultural and Landscaping.
It is a transversal sector of the institution with the ability to integrate specific professional profiles and cutting-edge technologies to provide interdisciplinary solutions to the problems and policies of the sector.